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I am an artist and designer based in Bali Indonesia, and
Brooklyn. I draw my inspiration from the natural world: sacred geometry, science, bones, metal, leather, and the dark undercurrents of street fashion. Jan Hilmer Designs was birthed in 2005, after years of studying sculpture and of working as a freelance artist and performer in the New York underground scene.

I was drawn to the island of Bali, to a quiet studio, where I could translate my visions into functional timeless designs. I pay special attention to gathering quality materials: leather, silk, hand cast brass and silver, and blending them together into a collection of jackets and jewelry that are made to last. I share a workshop in Bali with designer Sophie Valois & Monica Wallway, where we handcraft our designs into creations we hope inspire you.



Sparrow collection designed by Monica Wallway 
I am an artist and designer based in Bali, Indonesia and Los Angeles, CA. My design are intertwined with elements of nature - bones, gems, stones, plants, geometry, ancient traditions, underground movements and all things dark and ethereal.
I love to sculpt and create worlds, blending elements from vintage and modern fashion and visions of strong feminine characters into timeless designs that tell a story. 
My dedication lies in the meticulous selection of superior materials: leather, silk, hand-cast brass, and silver, alongside the careful curation of crystals, stones, and found objects gathered during my travels, enriching my work with unique and meaningful touches.



All Things Wild collection designed by Sophie Valois

I am an artist and designer based in Bali, Indonesia and Montreal, Canada. My creative journey is deeply rooted in the essence of the earth; leaves, bark, moss, trees, plants, shells, ancient traditions, and all things that feel most alive

My passion for textiles and ancient dying and weaving techniques drives me to reinterpret these age-old methods into contemporary designs, maintaining a profound connection to and appreciation of nature..

I prioritize the use of natural materials; certified organic cotton & sustainable fabrics, bamboo, silks, linen, and handwoven cotton.

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